Constant dollars

Wednesday afternoon in a Vista courtroom, Dr. Jeffery Lovin did not show

A judge is upping the ante against a former San Diego doctor arrested multiple times for peeking out his ex-girlfriend’s window and violating a restraining order.

And this isn’t the first woman he’s done this to.

Wednesday afternoon in a Vista courtroom. Dr. Jeffery Lovin didn’t show up.

“The fact that there was a meeting in the bedroom to review things, we knew something was going on,” says the victim’s friend, who preferred not to share his identity.

The people who showed up are those who filed a restraining order.

Lovin faces 9 counts, 7 misdemeanors, and 2 felonies related to this order, as well as violently resisting arrest.

Lovin’s attorney said he did not appear in court for medical reasons, as he is currently hospitalized.

A close friend of the victim who asked to go through DJ, said he was worried for their safety.

“Now we still have to have our head on a pivot for the next two days where I was really hoping that with this procedure today he would be off the streets and we could breathe and live our lives,” shares- he.

The district attorney’s office said Lovin posted bail 4 times, in the amount of $60,000.

Last week, ABC10 News nabbed Lovin after posting bail for the second time that week.

That’s why Judge Adelaida Lopez took action.

“Given the number of restraining order violations not only in this case, but in previous misdemeanor cases from earlier this year,” she shares. “The court is inclined to issue the non-release warrant.”

The district attorney’s office says that if Lovin does not appear for his arraignment which is now scheduled for Thursday, or if he is taken into custody before then, the warrant will be filed.

But for the victim, who asked to go through JD, it’s little peace of mind.

She shared a video with 10News of Lovin outside her house, crawling and ogling, much like he did in 2019 with his ex-girlfriend.

This case was settled in November.

And now, the friend of the victim in this case, just hopes a resolution is near.

“Well, hopefully he eventually runs out of ways to play with the system because he’s really become a master at drawing, at stretching things,” says DJ.

He continues: “And it really puts the family that I’m helping to care for, in turmoil and in constant anxiety about what’s going to happen next.”

Lovin is scheduled to appear in Vista Court Thursday at 1:30 p.m.