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Uttarakhand High Court calls on state to strengthen medical facilities

The House issued the following guidelines to strengthen the state’s preparedness to deal with the pandemic:

i) Increase the number of laboratories authorized to carry out tests on a greater percentage of the population;

(ii) Increase the testing rate in large cities like Dehradun, Haridwar and Haldwani to at least 30,000 tests per day;

(iii) Consider the use of other kits, in addition to the Rapid Antigen kit, or RT PCR tests, to augment the tests performed daily;

(iii) Consider sending fully equipped “mobile vans” to test for the COVID-19 virus;

(iv) Increase the number of hospitals dedicated to COVID-19;

(v) Examine the possibility of creating temporary hospitals with the help of the DRDO or any other central body;

(vi) Increase the number of COVID-19 health care centers as they are to be established in the remaining thirteenth district of the state;

(vii) Increase the number of beds available in hospitals;

(viii) Since CT scanners are essential for detecting the presence of the second strain of the COVID-19 virus, strive to increase their availability in the State;

(ix) Ensure that PPE kits and other protective equipment are provided to all medical staff, especially doctors, nurses and ward boys to care for patients with COVID-19;

(x) Daily publish the names and locations of testing centers and hospitals / healthcare centers dedicated to COVID-19 in the media bulletin;

(xi) Obtain and distribute a sufficient number of antiviral injections of “Remdesivir” throughout the state.

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