Temporary working capital

This leadership can’t roll keke

Obasanjo selected a temporary job: “Former President Olusegun Obasanjo stunned the residents of Abeokuta, Ogun State on Saturday when he transformed himself into a commercial tricycle driver, popularly called Keke, picking up and dropping off passengers across the capital.” Yes, he is celebrating his 85th birthday and having fun with life. (The ride would have been magical without those MOPOL and SSS around the keke.)

I’m a fan of OBJ because he got things done while he was in power. It was not perfect (the 3rd term program) but it made everyone proud to be Nigerian. Unlike today where obtaining a Nigerian passport is like crossing the seven seas of African folklore, Obasanjo would have called all those responsible to order.

People, how can a country not have the capacity to produce their passports? I mean, you pay and it takes months, and no one’s been fired. If a national leadership can’t figure out how to print passports for citizens after more than 3 years of paralysis and national embarrassment, forget that leadership!

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This leadership can’t roll keke.

Mr Obasanjo started the journey from the end of the Moshood Abiola Way road near the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) mega station.

The former president, dressed in his native Yoruba attire with a fez cap, was spotted ferrying passengers from the take-off location and heading towards the end of the popular Kuto market in the city.

The development, which was part of activities marking his 85th birthday, got residents excited, many of whom ran after his Keke, eagerly trying to get on board and ride with him.

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