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Taking advantage of digital technology after a pandemic

Rebecca Walsh, Director of Design at Big Motive, said:

When the lockdown was first introduced in Northern Ireland at the end of March 2020, it was clear the world was about to change, but no one knew what obligation this would impose.

People have lost their jobs, 200,000 workers have been forced to take temporary leave in Northern Ireland, contracts have been terminated and the entire industry has withdrawn.

For many companies, technology was one of the only ways forward.

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There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, especially in education, retail and healthcare.

Whether it’s home schooling or zooming, we’ve all embraced our displays and devices.

Northern Ireland has the capacity to transform with world-class technological infrastructure.

Despite difficult times in almost every area of ​​business, the digital and tech sectors have made great strides in spurring pandemics and providing opportunities for reform for healthcare and the municipality as a whole.

As consultant-led bookings continue to grow, I hear every day that GP’s services are crushed by high demand.

It is the sad reality that the Covid-19 has left behind a situation that could worsen our health crisis and have catastrophic consequences.

However, as with pandemics, solutions are always found, usually in the least promising places.

From delivering one of Europe’s first digital pandemics within the reach of the public in just 12 days to creating the UK’s first contact tracing app, engineers working in our capital, Covid- We were at the forefront digital media for 19 years.

In the spring of 2020, the team at Big Motive, a Belfast-based strategic design firm, entered into a truly unique partnership with the Department of Health and expert collaborators.

With a forward-thinking citizen-centered approach, we set out to create an accessible digital service that provides guidance on Covid-19 while preserving the capacity of general medical services.

Downloaded nearly 200,000 times to date, COVIDCare NI has dramatically reduced calls and visits to healthcare professionals, freeing up medical staff and helping critical patients in need of urgent care. I go.

Two more intensive design processes led to the development of StopCOVID NI, the world’s first cross-border Covid app, and a system specifically tailored for adolescents.

Using multidisciplinary teams and these innovations focused on a citizen-centered design, the Ministry of Health was able to tackle the endemic virus.

The family has undoubtedly been devastated by illness and loss, but the pandemic has offered countless opportunities for advancement across the tech industry.

Our story is to advance the fight against the coronavirus through collaboration and community support. Shows how technology fights potentially fatal viruses

A sector at the height of great progress, the local tech community will unite to share such an innovative story at BelTech 2021.

BelTech 2021 returns to the traditional dive into software engineering and also focuses on delivering digital products.

BelTech 2021 is a conference that connects engineers and business leaders from across the country to challenge, celebrate and inspire activity in virtual broadcasts on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 June.

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