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Staff shortage impacts catering hours

Just over a week ago, all students and staff received an email from Capital Communications regarding the reduced hours at One Main Café.

The email read: “Labor shortages are having an impact on organizations across the country, and they are now having an impact on capital.”

Due to this labor shortage, Capital had no choice but to reduce its hours at One Main on Labor Day weekend.

Daniel Parton, District Director for Campus Meals, supported this idea by explaining how the change in hours was due to the nationwide staff shortage and the pandemic. Despite these returning hours, things are not really trivial for the catering staff.

With the return of normal hours, staffing is still not where it should be.

“The shortage of full-time and part-time employees mixed with the quarantine of current staff due to possible exposure to COVID in their daily lives, has left us without sufficient coverage to provide a service and a product. quality, ”Parton said.

Parton along with Liz Hernandez, who is also part of the Food Services team, are working on ways to make things better for everyone involved.

They currently have 57 employees as part of their staffing services. This number includes many temporary agents used to fill in the gaps that they lacked. Normally they would like to have 80-90 employees.

In an attempt to resolve this issue, Parton and Hernandez ran ads on Indeed, Facebook, and other job boards. They also put up signs on campus in an attempt to hire students.

“For students, we are very flexible and able to adapt to almost any schedule. Right now we don’t see a lot of applications coming in, but we are following every lead we get, ”Parton said.

Their greatest need for a job is in the evenings for One Main Café. The problem is, many workers depend on the COTA bus line, which does not run late at night. However, for those who work at the MDR, this is not a problem since the MDR closes at 8 p.m. and they can still take the bus.

Regardless, staff are limited in all catering services and any help is appreciated. If anyone is interested, they can contact Liz Hernandez at [email protected]

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