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SolidProof officially verifies its social channels while continuing to protect the crypto space with Smart Contract Audit and KYC

Meanwhile, Solidproof continues to audit new projects’ smart contracts and perform KYC checks on their development teams. The company provides constant updates on all its audits on the official website. This way, it ensures that crypto users have an accurate picture of the projects they follow and their deals to execute on flawless smart contracts.

Verified Social Channels

Solidproof launched in 2021 and quickly became one of the most active auditors in the crypto industry. Its consistently good results, efficient auditing and KYC tools have convinced many projects to apply for their services. During this time, the company has grown significantly, amassing a large portfolio of clients from all corners of the crypto market, including DeFi.

Getting the blue badge on social media has always been one of Solidproofs’ goals. After all, only reputable and easily identifiable brands get this level of recognition on social media. Now the German company can proudly display its verification badge onTwitterYouTube and Telegram.

Solidproof uses social media to communicate with its users, supporters and potential customers. Additionally, the company provides almost hourly updates on its progress in different audit cases. Anyone can interact with the firm on social media for queries, quotes and updates.

Continuous protection for the crypto space

The crypto market has been the scene of many scams and failed schemes over the years. In some cases, malicious developers have stolen millions of dollars from investors through fraudulent schemes, including raffle and pump-and-dump scams. As a result, the crypto space has gained a bad reputation for being risky business for new investors or developers.

This wild and wild picture of the crypto market needed a winning solution, and Solidproof stepped up to deliver it. The company relies on a team of expert auditors and crypto professionals with several years of experience in both industries. Together they provide advanced auditing and KYC solutions to secure the cryptosphere.

Solidproof helps new projects identify bugs in their smart contracts. The company performs extensive source code checking before notifying project developers of potential bugs. Once the latter fixes the issues, Solidproof checks the contract and repeats the process until the source code is bug-free.

Additionally, the company performs thorough KYC (Know Your Customer) checks on project developers. This procedure is similar to getting the blue verification badge on social media. However, in this case, Solidproof verifies the team’s identity, background, and source of wealth. This way, it greatly reduces the risk of malicious actors entering the market and scamming people using fake credentials.

About Solidproof

Solidproof is a German company that audits smart contracts and discovers vulnerabilities in new crypto projects. The company has a growing ecosystem of over 500 projects that it has audited and verified so far. Anyone can use its live follow feature to learn more about these projects and their development.

Solidproof helps increase transparency and security in the crypto space by providing trusted smart contract audits and KYC checks. The company aims to help as many new projects as possible launch bug-free and build brand trustworthiness.

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