Destabilizing speculation

Rebels falter as Gehlot scrambles to gain support

New Delhi: Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has finally managed to win back the support of congressional lawmakers who turned rebels last year. With most dissidents in the CM, there is no threat to the Congressional government in Rajasthan.

The factional fighting in the BJP as well as the changing political circumstances also allowed Gehlot to consolidate his position. Meanwhile, there is a slim possibility that former Dy CM pilot Sachin will leave Congress. Sources say most dissident MPs will soon be housed in the state cabinet. The high command of the Congress left everything to Gehlot to answer. Sources say Gehlot could opt for a cabinet reshuffle shortly after Covid’s demise. After Jitin Prasad joined the BJP, there was a lot of speculation about Sachin Pilot’s next course of action and the future of the Gehlot government. What made the tongues tremble was that it was on the anniversary of Rajesh Pilot’s death (June 11) last year that the “BJP-sponsored movement” began to destabilize the Gehlot government. After Kamal Nath’s dispensation from MP fell last year, Ashok Gehlot’s government was targeted. More than a dozen MPs led by Sachin Pilot had become rebels. However, Gehlot managed to save his government. Later, all the rebels gave in and returned to the party’s fold under pressure from the high command.

Congress accused the BJP of attempting to overthrow the government. Congress and the BJP were found guilty of offenses after audio from a central minister was broadcast. The entire episode also highlighted BJP’s internal struggle. Former Rajasthani CM Vasundhara Raje has distinguished herself by distancing herself from the whole development. She was against the overthrow of the government. With the intensification of factionalism in the BJP since, Gehlot has continued to tighten his grip on the organization of Congress.

He started to appease the rebels and managed to bring most of them back. As a result, Indraraj Gujjar and PR Meena, who are said to be Pilot’s confidants, said they admire the CM. Vishwendra Singh also trusted Gehlot. Dharmendra Rathore, close to Gehlot, also played a key role in the return of MPs.

Sachin Pilot also fell online after the Rajasthan crisis hit the headlines profusely. He tried to get the message across that he is neither destabilizing the government nor leaving the party. Sachin Pilot also kept the function to mark the anniversary of the death of his father Rajesh Pilot a low-key affair. The high command also strictly asked the leaders not to create any stage against the government.

As a result, Sachin Pilot is in a fix. On the one hand, the rebel deputies let him trust Gehlot. On the other hand, the BJP faces its own internal problems. The defeat in Bengal added to the tensions of the BJP. Most of the leaders who hold key positions in Rajasthan BJP are in arms against Raje. Some Delhi rulers would support them. It is undeniable that Raje is the only party leader who controls the entire state. She continues to be silent despite all the wars within the party. Meanwhile, the BJP high command is focused on the upcoming UP Assembly elections, which will have far-reaching implications for the 2024 parliamentary polls.

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