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Mediflash is an independent marketplace for healthcare professionals – TechCrunch

meet MediflashA new French startup wishing to improve temporary staff in healthcare establishments such as retirement homes, clinics and mental health establishments. The company has established itself as an alternative to traditional shipping companies. They claim to offer better conditions for both caregivers and institutions.

“While paying less for caregivers, there is a small cost for medical facilities,” co-founder Leopold Trepos told me.

Traditional dispatch companies hire caregivers and nurses for wages. If the establishment does not have enough staff, it will ask a regular dispatch company. The agency will find someone and load the installation.

“When we started we wanted to be a dispatch company, but it’s more digital and more technical,” said Trepos. However, startups found themselves facing the same issues as regular dispatch companies.

Instead, they looked at other startups working in the freelance market for developers, project managers, marketers, and more. In France, some of them are very successful. Comet, malt, Personal me And Brigade – Some of them have a vertical activity focused on health professionals. However, Mediflash wishes to focus specifically on caregivers.

Experts who register with Mediflash are freelancers. Mediflash only operates as a marketplace that connects medical facilities and caregivers. According to the company, caregivers can expect more income (up to 20%), but pay less for facilities.

Of course, this is not a fair comparison, as posted workers hire carers. As a self-employed person, you don’t have the same benefits as a full-time employee. In particular, you cannot receive unemployment benefit.

“But many caregivers say it’s not a problem due to the high demand. [from health facilities]”Trepos said. The platform includes nursing school students who want to earn some extra cash, professionals who already have part-time jobs looking for additional jobs, and part-time nursing aides. full.

Usually the facility is understaffed so we only want someone for three days. Mediflash is well aware that medical institutions generally work with a single dispatch company. That’s all. As a result, startups have a sales team that needs to discuss this with each establishment. Currently, startups are mainly focused on Mets, Nancy and Strasbourg.

Mediflash recently raised a funding round of $ 2 million (1.7 million euros) led by Firstminute Capital. Several business angels such as Alexandre Fretti (Malt), Alexandre Lebrun (Nabla), Simon Dawlat (Batch.com) and Marie are also participating.

Outtier (Aiden.ai, acquired by Twitter).

To date, the company manages 1,400 days. Mediflash reduces each transaction. The company is currently planning to expand to other cities across the country.

Mediflash is an independent marketplace for healthcare professionals – TechCrunch Mediflash is an independent marketplace for healthcare professionals – TechCrunch

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