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NEW ORLEANS —Today Mayor LaToya Cantrell was joined by State Representative Candace Newell from District 99, Acting Council Member Donna Glapion, Council Member Kristen Gisleson Palmer from District C, Member of District E’s Cyndi Nguyen Council and other local and federal officials and community members to celebrate the completion of the City’s emergency generator installation program.

“We are creating and building a recreation department for the future that will meet the needs of residents where they are in an emergency,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. We were tested before and at the center during Hurricane Ida, and these facilities were equipped with manual generator transfer switches that allowed them to connect to emergency generators. This is a great example of what we said we would do to move this city forward and continue to deliver the spirit of residence for which we are known across the country and the world.

Manual generator transfer switches were recently installed at eight (8) NORD facilities across town, and the NOHSEP warehouse, to provide temporary backup power to the generator. Participating facilities include Cut-Off Recreation Center, Treme Recreation Center, Joe W. Brown Recreation Center, John P. Lyons Recreation Center, Gernon Brown Recreation Center, Stallings St. Claude, Milne Recreation Center and Rosenwald Recreation Center.

“We cannot lose sight of the fact that the cooling centers at NORD’s facilities saved lives after Hurricane Ida. Unfortunately, these storms come faster, stronger and cut our utilities for weeks. Mayor Cantrell, management and staff of NORD, and NOHSEP have worked together to provide an innovative response not only to Hurricane Ida, but also to future storms and disasters, ”said Member of the Palmer Council.

“This project has already been invaluable in the emergency recovery of the city. The conversion of our NORTH community centers has allowed us to provide essential food and resources to New Orleans residents in need in convenient, safe and comfortable locations, ”said Member of the Glapion General Council. “I commend the leadership of Mayor Cantrell, NORD Director Larry Barabino and Director Colin Arnold for their leadership in bringing this project to fruition and look forward to working together on other ways to serve our people as a result of extreme weather events. “

“Being able to serve our community in all aspects of need is crucial as an agency and this project enables eight (8) NORD facilities to become a beacon in the community in the event of prolonged power outages following a weather event. serious “, said Chairman and CEO of NORD Larry Barabino, Jr. “It allows us to meet our residents where they are, such as a safe place to cool off, charge devices, receive support services or have a hot meal. “

“Investing in mitigation efforts to reduce the impacts of future disasters has never been more important as we continue to face more frequent and severe storms,” said Collin Arnold, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for New Orleans. “After the prolonged power outages caused by Hurricane Isaac in 2012, my office worked to secure FEMA HMGP funding to invest in electricity from generators at city facilities. Nine years later, I am grateful that due to the concerted efforts of NOHSEP, Capital Projects and NORD, we have been able to successfully operate eight generator-powered cooling centers to provide air conditioning, appliance charging services. , meals and recovery to residents immediately after another prolonged power outage – Hurricane Ida. With millions expected in Hurricane Ida mitigation funds, my office will continue to lead risk mitigation planning and fundraising efforts for the city of New Orleans.

“In addition to providing recreational opportunities for our residents, our NORDC centers can now provide a safe haven to the public during and after emergencies,” said Deputy Administrative Director for Infrastructure Ramsey Green. “We quickly gathered the resources to make this strategic investment, which enabled our NORTH centers to operate after Hurricane Ida as cooling centers. I am grateful to the Director of Capital Projects Administration, Vincent Smith, for his leadership and his team for putting in place such an essential resource for our city.

In August 2020, the City inaugurated this project to allow the NORD sites to operate during prolonged power outages, allowing them to be used as cooling and recharging stations, temporary accommodation sites if necessary, and other cooling operations. essential services in the event of a major incident. bad weather.

Funding for the project was provided by the Risk Mitigation Program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the amount of $ 788,946. disaster damage and reconstruction, ”said Gerald Stolar, Federal Coordinator of FEMA. “FEMA is committed to supporting the City of New Orleans through capacity building and capacity building, and we are grateful for the partnerships we have with the City and State of Louisiana. “

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