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Mayor – News – April 2021 – Traffic advisory: Temporary closure of the Conti-Chartres intersection extended for public service upgrades

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans Department of Public Works today announced the continuation of workday closures at the intersection of Conti and Chartres streets until 6 p.m. on Friday, April 23. Public safety is our priority; signage and a police station will be in place to allow local traffic on rue Conti between rue Chartres and rue Decatur. The intersection will reopen to traffic daily at 6 p.m.

This work is part of the $ 4.3 million Conti Comprehensive Reconstruction Project, which consists of removing and replacing the existing roadway, replacing and modernizing existing drainage pipes and catch basins, replacing existing water pipes, repairing and / or replacing existing sewer lines, replacing existing low pressure gas lines with high pressure gas lines, replacing and / or repairing existing underground electrical conduit banks, replacing sidewalks and adding curb ramps in accordance with the United States Disability Act (ADA) at intersections and a mid-level crossing at Exchange Place, as well as block length markers on the Esplanade / 4th Circuit Supreme Court side.

Shifts work up to seven days a week from 8 a.m. until sunset. Once construction is completed in Block 700 of Conti Road (scheduled for June 2021), the fence will be removed and work will begin on the adjacent sidewalks. When all construction is complete in Block 700 and Entergy Gas / Entergy Electric crews complete their upgrades in Block 600 of Conti Street, Hard Rock crews will move their operations to the Causeway of Block 600 between rue Royal and rue Chartres.

  • Current road closure: Block 700 of rue Conti is closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the project. Commuters are advised to take a detour from Bourbon Street to Toulouse Street and then to Royal Street.
  • Closing of the working day: Block 600 of rue Conti is intermittently closed to vehicular traffic every day, while the teams of Entergy Gas and Entergy Electric improve their public services. Intermittent closures will continue for the duration of the project. During the day, commuters are advised to take a detour from Bourbon Street to Toulouse Street and then to Decatur Street. Block 600 will reopen to vehicular traffic every night.
  • Future closure of intersections: On or around April 26, 2021, weather permitting, the intersection of Rue Royal and Rue Conti will be closed for approximately four weeks to allow for the modernization of public services. A traffic advisory will be sent before this closure.

The project, which was designed by Mott McDonald, LLC and is being built by Hard Rock Construction, LLC, is expected to last until winter 2021 (approximately four months per block). Project partners include Entergy Electric, Entergy Gas, Cox Communications and AT&T.

Questions regarding this project or our capital improvement program should be directed to 504.658.ROAD (7623) or [email protected]

The City of New Orleans Department of Public Works (DPW) and the New Orleans Sewage and Wastewater Authority (SWBNO) are working together to implement an unprecedented program to restore our infrastructure damaged. Thanks to local and federal funds, the $ 2.3 billion is the most comprehensive program our region has seen in a generation.


  • More … than $ 2.3 billion the value of DPW / SWBNO’s work across the city
  • Almost 200 individual projects – each neighborhood will feel this positive impact
  • Coordinated project schedule to minimize construction-related impacts
  • Economic opportunity for disadvantaged small businesses in the City
  • Proactive communications to keep residents well informed throughout the program

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