Kamala Harris talks about forgiving HBCU student loan debt

Some students at Central North Carolina University have streamed Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, recently talking about the plan to forgive student loan debt from HBCU students and young activists.

“We know that our black students in particular have some of the highest student loan debt rates of any graduate student,” Sen. Harris (D-Calif) said on September 22 during the video call.

Harris and his running mate Joe Biden have offered to write off $ 10,000 in student loan debt, and if a student finds a job that earns less than $ 125,000 after graduation, they’ll write off their student loan debt.

Families earning less than $ 125,000 can receive a tuition-free education for students entering a four-year public or private college.

Harris, a Howard University alumnus and Alpha Kappa Fellow Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, was delighted to answer questions from a small group of students at Spelman College, North Carolina A&T State University, University Howard, Tuskegee University and Hampton University.

Fana Haileselassie, a student at Spelman College, asked Harris about herself and Biden’s plans for the COVID-19 pandemic, student loan debt and unemployment.

“Can you imagine? In the midst of a crisis, there are opportunities,” Harris said.

Biden and Harris’s national plan, as she calls it, is to increase contact tracing and demand the hiring of 100,000 health workers to trace the virus and eliminate it. Harris says the pandemic will create an increase in public health jobs.

Harris goes on to mention how HBCUs produce more entrepreneurs after college. One problem some students face is starting their own business after graduation.

“One of the biggest challenges for our leaders and small business owners or those who would become small business owners is access to capital,” she said.

Their plan is to invest around $ 100 billion in low-interest loans to small businesses in black and brown communities.

Julian Woods of North Carolina A&T State University asked Harris about education, teacher compensation, and HBCU funding.

Harris said 50% of black teachers come from HBCUs. Harris mentioned that one way to increase teacher compensation is to “help fund Title 1 to schools in low-income communities.”

Biden and Harris have also offered to invest $ 5 billion in HBCUs and minority institutions offering graduate programs in education, health and STEM, which will offer development programs that allow students to have careers. successful after graduation.

On day one in the office, the Biden and Harris administration plans to get the novel coronavirus under control, creating a $ 15,000 down payment tax credit and creating a reform of criminal justice policy that bans strangles, holds carotid, terminates the cash deposit and private prisons.

Harris added it, and Biden aims to decriminalize marijuana and clear the records of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses.

One of the main lessons from the event was that Harris encouraged young Americans to vote in the 2020 election.

“Let’s just make sure we don’t let anyone take our voting power,” Harris said.

The Black America Votes event was presented by BET Digital and hosted by actor and TV personality Terrence J.

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