Constant dollars

Disney parks disappoint, “more experience but STRICTLY profit”

We’ve been Disney devotees for two decades now. It’s a big part of our family tradition. We went just before the Covid shutdown and just got back this week.

I came back today. It broke our hearts. Six bucks for a bottle of coke is one thing, but the overpriced lightning lanes (which aren’t faster) and the constant price of nickel and dimming make everyone in the park so unhappy.

It came down big time. Here are my biggest gripes:

1. Disney seemed to at least care about magic. It is clear that the priorities have gone to profits rather than people.

2. The new reservation and park hopper rules leave little room for error. Not being able to jump before 1pm sucks, but we planned around that. We’ve stayed at Disney Resorts ($$$$) to arrive early, only to find that every California Adventure ride but two we’re down. Mater’s cars and swings. We were stuck there until 1pm! We couldn’t even jump to Disney while they fixed the issue.

3. Almost every ride we took was stopped. Rumors of failure are not exaggerated. It was depressing how often the rides were stopped. It upset people and staff.

4. Clearly the days of Disney for “everyone” are over. I don’t know how the average American family can afford a trip there. Costs continue to rise and quality declines. I feel like part of my childhood died out of greed.

5. The lightning lane is a joke. Twenty dollars per person, per day, with only one pass per ride, is tough. It makes us bounce around the park, which increases traffic jams. But the fact that it doesn’t include the two most popular rides is truly disgusting. If you want Lightning Lane Cars or Star Wars is it an extra $25 per person or $15 per person? Uh, why are we paying the almost 200 a day? ?

6. The app is a good idea in theory, if it worked. I had issues and the mobile order worked one day out of six.

Sorry for the rant, but there was a time when Disney felt like it cared about people paying their bills. No more. We saved for two years for this. It was pretty ugly.

We find a new family tradition.