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Candidate Profile: Lisa Smith for Arvada City Council

ARVADA, CO – Six city council candidates are running in the Arvada municipal election on November 2.

Patch has asked candidates to answer questions about their campaigns and will post candidate profiles as Election Day approaches.

Lisa Smith is a candidate for Arvada City Council.

Age: 34

Family: Eli Feret – Husband. West Point Army Veteran

Does anyone in your family work in politics or in government?

We both served in the military but no longer work for the government.


Boston College Masters in Social Work
Colorado State University Bachelor of Social Work


Social Work – 11 years of clinical and policy work focused on housing, the elderly, people with disabilities and low income populations
Military Police – 4 years in the Air Force guarding nuclear missiles

Previous or current office elected or appointed


Campaign website:

Why are you looking for an elective position?

Service is in my blood. This comes from my parents who both served the community as a public school teacher and social worker. I joined the military to continue this service and became a social worker to help the most vulnerable members of our community. I chose to run because I believe in serving the community in the best possible way using your unique skills. I truly believe that local politics can create the most impact in our community. I want to use my field experience in police and social work to provide concrete solutions to our complex community challenges. I hope to use my experience working at the Boston Mayors’ Office around housing innovation to creatively address our growing housing challenge in Arvada. I believe we need to have diverse voices and perspectives at the policy table and I hope to bring this to Arvada City Council to work together to continue to grow and strengthen our community.

The most pressing problem our city faces is _______, and that’s what I intend to do about it.

The most urgent problem facing our city is housing. One of the goals is to help create a clear and accessible path for any tenant to become a homeowner. I have a hands-on experience in creating affordable housing programs which gives me a unique perspective to approach this challenge in an innovative way, such as investing in colocation, landlord rental guarantee programs, housing assistance. down payment and financial literacy programs.

What are the critical differences between you and other candidates for this position?

It is important to have a dedicated, service-oriented leader who has a myriad of backgrounds to bring to the political decision-making table. My background in public safety, social work, and community resilience brings me a broad level of experience to help address the various issues facing the city. In addition, having served the public all my adult life, I bring a true passion to serve and defend our entire community and I have the knowledge to do it well.

How do you think local officials are reacting to the coronavirus? What if something would you have done differently?

I was part of the Arvada Chamber Resilience Working Group in our community and I think the city has worked very hard to keep the city moving despite the challenges. They have done their best to share the ever-changing policies and have adapted to the change with grace.

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform.

I would like to focus on our public safety and improving our multimodal transportation system to ensure that those who want to move around the city can do so safely.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as proof that you can handle this job?

I have piloted several local, state and national programs around housing and public safety and support systems to improve the quality of life of our elderly, disabled and low-income people. These programs have not only helped families, but have also saved taxpayer dollars. Programs such as nursing home reintegration, aging in place services, housing sharing for students and teachers, and universal application systems for children at risk.

I have helped several communities recover and rebuild when disaster hit their community, including a national pandemic response where we distributed millions of pounds of food and personal protective equipment.

I helped run a fully functioning refugee camp, implemented a collaborative children’s program in Chile, deployed staff to Nepal after a deadly earthquake, responded to fires and floods in Colorado and across the country. country.

I have created programs for veterans to help with their transition out of service and have served as a veteran transition counselor.

I sit on several community boards and committees that help our residents with housing, public safety, health care and support services. The full list can be viewed on my website at

The best advice ever shared with me was:

Everyone has a role, know that.

What would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

I am here to serve and defend my neighbors. I want to be part of the solution at Arvada to ensure we all have healthy, safe and successful lives. I hope to collaborate and engage our community to come together to solve our most pressing issues. It would be an honor to serve you all.

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