Destabilizing speculation

Biden addresses Russian-Ukrainian tension in appeal with new German Chancellor

President Biden spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Friday, congratulating the new leader and discussing the escalation of Russian forces along the Ukrainian border.

The big picture: Biden reaffirmed his support for “strong US-German relations and his desire to further strengthen transatlantic cooperation,” the White House said.

  • “I look forward to working closely together on all global challenges, including transatlantic efforts to address Russia’s destabilizing military build-up along the Ukrainian border,” Biden said in a statement. Tweeter regarding the call.
  • Biden and Scholz also spoke of efforts to help end the COVID-19 pandemic and address the threat of climate change, according to the White House.

A tweet previously embedded here has been deleted or has been tweeted from an account that has been suspended or deleted.

Catch up quickly: In a phone call Tuesday, Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “the price for invading Ukraine would be higher than anything he has faced in the past,” writes Dave Lawler of Axios.

  • Putin asked Biden for legal guarantees that NATO would not expand further east.
  • White House officials said on Thursday that Biden would not pressure Ukraine to cede the territory to Russian-backed separatists to deter Putin from launching a full-scale invasion.
  • Biden officials also said the United States was ready to send additional military aid to Ukraine and increase its troop presence, capabilities and military exercises on NATO’s “eastern flank” in response. to any Russian incursion.

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