Destabilizing speculation

As Ankara waits for Crown Prince, Erdoğan’s family newspaper accuses UAE of trying to oust him in conjunction with Mossad and CIA


Levent Kenez / Stockholm

In an article published Friday in the Sabah family newspaper of Turkish President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan, the UAE was accused of collaborating with the Mossad and the CIA to overthrow ErdoÄŸan in the 2023 elections.

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have been taking steps to improve their shabby relationship for some time. The Turkish government had previously warned local media and the Turkish-based Muslim Brotherhood against negative coverage of the UAE. Interestingly, the accusation coincided with the confirmation on Monday by Turkish authorities of a meeting between ErdoÄŸan and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan (MBZ ) in Ankara next week.

Abdurrahman ÅžimÅŸek of the daily Sabah, known for his reporting based on documents “leaked” by government officials and the Turkish secret service, wrote an article on a newly created think tank in New York, the Turkish Democracy Project (TDP). According to the organization’s website, the TDP is dedicated to educating the international community about ErdoÄŸan’s destabilizing actions in and beyond the Turkish region, his systemic corruption, his support for extremism and his contempt for the democracy and human rights. The TDP also announced the creation of a research database on Turkey while providing a platform for “thought leadership and expertise”.

Abdurrahman ÅžimÅŸek

Şimşek, in his anti-Semitic article, affirms that “despite all their efforts, the international organizations which were unable to overthrow President Erdoğan, this time came together under one roof and took action. Sabah deciphers the plan of the Turkish Democracy Project (TDP) think tank and psychological operations platform, funded by Jewish capital and founded by former Mossad leaders, to oust Erdoğan in the 2023 elections .

By using the words “Mossad” and “Jew,” ÅžimÅŸek aims to attract the attention of Turkish conspiracy theorists, but his article deliberately contains a lot of misinformation. “The biggest milestone in the plan was taken last June. The Turkish Democracy Project, which rolled up its sleeves for the political and economic crisis in Turkey, was launched on June 23, 2021, with contributions from people with training in bureaucracy and intelligence, as well as members of FETÖ [a derogatory term coined by the ErdoÄŸan government to refer to members of the faith-based Gülen movement, claiming the movement is a terrorist organization and its members terrorists] who are part of organizations called UANI [United Against Nuclear Iran], CEP [Counter Extremism Project] and JFK [Justice for Kurds], which were launched in the United States.

Turkish Democracy Project Advisory Board

He associates the TDP with the Mossad, considering that some of the founders of the TDP are also members of the UANI, of which two founders are former Mossad chiefs Meir Dagan and Tamir Pardo.

According to Şimşek, members of the UAE and the Gülen movement support the TDP, which was established by the CIA and Mossad.

“[TDP’s] The website publishes news / analysis from foreign media supported by the UAE and Israel, known to include articles against our country such as pro-FETÖ Ahval, Duvar English, Al-Monitor and The Jerusalem Post. Articles and reports written with the aim of creating a negative perception of President ErdoÄŸan and Turkey are also shared on social media accounts. Interactions with media supported by FETÖ and the United Arab Emirates, such as Ahval and Al-Monitor, are drawing attention.

Stating that UANI is supported by the United Arab Emirates, ÅžimÅŸek asserts that “the second player to support the TDP, besides FETÖ, is the United Arab Emirates. Email correspondence from Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to Washington, who has ties to the Israel lobby, was leaked to open sources in 2017. Although it was revealed that Otaiba had ties to UANI CEO MD Wallace from 2014, Wallace’s messaging with Otaiba on funding an event showed UANI to be in line with UAE interests by closely following US policy towards Iran.

ÅžimÅŸek, who is close to the Turkish secret service, seems uncomfortable with Iran’s denuclearization efforts, which is also in Turkey’s interest. It should also be remembered that Hakan Fidan, the current Turkish intelligence chief, who previously represented Turkey on the board of governors of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency between 2008 and 2010, was not against Iran having nuclear capabilities thanks to its boss ErdoÄŸan, who calls Iran his second home.

The people ÅžimÅŸek targeted for allegedly involved in activities against Turkey are former US Ambassador to the UN Mark D. Wallace, former US Senator Joseph Lieberman, former President of the Homeland Security Council Frances Townsend, Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton, Brother of Former US President George W. Bush and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Former US State Department Advisor David L. Phillips, Former Iranian Expert of the CIA Norman T. Roule, Former Deputy Director of CIA Operations Robert G. Richer, Former Deputy United States Representative to United Nations Ambassador Alejandro Wolff, Former Italian Ambassador to the United States and Israel Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, co-founder and spokesperson of American Friends of Kurdistan Diliman Abdulkader and TDP Executive Director Madeleine Joelson.

Turkey and the UAE were on different sides on almost every political issue in the region, long working against each other. While Dubai-owned TV stations broadcast critical reports of Turkey, Turkey, as well as Qatar, targeted the regimes of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in particular and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, their sworn enemy.

The government-controlled Yeni Åžafak called Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and his family “despicable”.

There have been reports in Turkish government-controlled media using insulting expressions about Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed. The UAE is said to be the financier of a failed coup on July 15, 2016. Turkey has requested a red notice from Interpol for Mohammad Dahlan, security adviser to Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed, for allegedly running a network UAE spy in Turkey and interestingly being a member of the Gülen movement

The improvement in relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates was first reflected in the media. Ankara had warned Turkey-based Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated TV stations and prevented them from targeting regimes in Gulf countries and Egypt in their broadcasts. Zayed Fadi, a villain from the United Arab Emirates in the TV series “TeÅŸkilat” produced by the Turkish secret service, was killed at the end of the first season. The UAE has imposed a video ban on Mafia boss and former ally of Turkish President ErdoÄŸan, Sedat Peker, who currently lives in the Emirates and who had posted YouTube videos revealing alleged crimes by the ErdoÄŸan government in recent years . Peker was also banned from tweeting. There is speculation that Beijing will move to another country amid improving relations between the two countries.