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Arizona Cardinals trade suggestion as deadline draws near


The trading deadline comes at 1 p.m. Arizona time on Tuesday, and the question is whether the Cardinals will be buyers again, as they were recently with the acquisition of tight end Zach Ertz from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Everyone loves speculation, and many writers have pleaded for players they think the Cardinals should pursue, especially after defensive end JJ Watt suffered a shoulder injury.

Touchdown Wire: Cardinals expected to trade for Eagles’ Fletcher Cox

Doug Farrar writes: “The Cardinals were a legitimate 7-0 before welcoming the Packers to the Valley of the Sun, and while their excellent pass defense did a good job of keeping Aaron Rodgers in check, the loss of JJ Watt to a shoulder injury – a loss that could end the season – will be a problem for a team with real Super Bowl aspirations. Happy lately. The veteran has expressed his displeasure with where he is. deployed from shot to shot, and how he’s asked to cover screens as he prefers to rush at the passer. First-year defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon said he gets the points from Cox, but it also blew up the idea that other teams are trying to trade for Cox. Cox is in the middle of the $ 102.6 million extension he signed in 2016 – he’s under contract until season 2023, with empty years in 2024 until 2026. It has a maximum load of $ 12,916,409, and the Cardinals could probably handle the prorated version of that with a bit of movement. Cox is no longer the player he once was, but he would help the Cardinals stay on their potential Super Bowl track. As for the Eagles, it’s not like they’re a playoff team anyway, and Cox’s trade could offload some financial responsibility and add to their sizable 2022 draw. “

Pro Football Network: Cardinals could trade for Broncos CB Kyle Fuller

Ben Rolfe writes: “The Cardinals received a superb play from Byron Murphy at the cornerback position. Yet the roster depth is not great there. Kyle Fuller has not had his best year with the Broncos. Nonetheless, he’s a veteran of the corner, who could provide adequate depth to the Cardinals in 2021. Fuller’s contract is sort of a sticking point with a cap of $ 9 million, which means the Cardinals should get creative. Fuller would provide fantastic insurance if the Cardinals are considering a Super Bowl run. “

Clutch points: Cardinals expected to trade for CB Broncos Kyle Fuller

Ben Cooper writes: “Kyle Fuller has been a solid cornerback throughout his career. And with the Denver Broncos dropping their last four games after starting 3-0, they could pass some veteran players. The Cardinals could use another cornerback in their high school. Byron Murphy Jr. has played at an elite level, but they lack a good cornerback to team up with him. Swapping for Fuller would fill that void and make money. ‘Arizona a more complete team defensively. Fuller has been linked with trade rumors throughout the season, and a move to the Cardinals makes a lot of sense to both sides. Arizona would need to restructure some contracts to create the cap space, but it would be worth getting Fuller. “

Fanside: Cardinals must trade for Akiem Hicks bears

Aaron Van Buren writes, “Arizona’s ground defense has been the team’s weakest point on the whole team. The Rams d’Angeles are first with 5.4 YPC allowed. Hicks has his own injury issues, however, one statistic is worth it. In 2018, when Hicks was in training for Chicago, they allowed less than 80 rushing yards. per game. It was with teammate Eddie Goldman, but Jordan Phillips and / or Zach Allen can help fill that role in Arizona.

Pro Football Network: Cardinals could trade for Broncos DT Shelby Harris

Ben Rolfe writes: “The news of JJ Watt requiring end-of-season surgery created a need for the Cardinals on their defensive line. Watt is a difficult player to replace with his skills, but the Cardinals could look less to add more talent to their line. Shelby Harris is enjoying a strong first half of the 2021 NFL season, and he brings a veteran presence that is always valuable to a potential contender. Harris has 2 sacks, 5 tackles for loss, and 4 QB hits this season. He also only brings a $ 1 million cap with him this season. The only problem is that Harris has a guaranteed salary of $ 5 million in 2022 that the Cardinals would have to swallow if they wanted to hire him.

NFL Network: WR Cardinals Andy Isabella Gets Commercial Interest

Ian Rapoport writes: “The old second round has only played two games this season and has been mostly inactive. Yet teams called Arizona in vain about the speedster ahead of the season. what those calls increase as the trade deadline draws near and if they don’t trade it, the Cardinals might get nothing for a former top pick who doesn’t seem like a part of their future. “

Pro Football Network: Cardinals could trade for Giants DT Austin Johnson

Ben Rolfe writes: “Any competitive team can always use more interior depth on the defensive line. With 3 sacks, 5 tackles for loss and 4 QB hits, Austin Johnson has had a solid 2021 season. On a one-year contract With a $ 1.5 million cap, Johnson would become a valuable addition for the Cardinals. Johnson may not be the name fans are excited about, but he’s a talented player on the defensive line. Watt’s departure created a need on the defensive line. Johnson may not be a perfect replacement, but he has shown this season that he can make a difference. He could be a bit more expensive than Shelby this season, but there is no problem with the future salary with Johnson.

Pro Football Network: Cardinals could trade for Patriots G / C Ted Karras

Ben Rolfe writes: “The inside of the offensive line hasn’t been great for the Cardinals this year. If they’re going to take a step and risk destabilizing this unit, it has to be for an incredibly talented veteran. Ted Karras would be. certainly ticking the veterans ‘box and would come with just $ 1 million in ceiling space. It wouldn’t be a move that would get fans excited, but given Karras’ versatility at center, it could be a wise addition. “

Clutch points: Cardinals should trade for Lions’ OLB Trey flowers

Ben Cooper writes: “Trey Flowers wouldn’t be a target for the Cardinals a few weeks ago, but it might make sense with Watt out. Flowers currently plays for the Detroit Lions, who are 0-8 this season. The Lions will be sellers by the deadline, and Flowers will likely be traded. The veteran defensive end has 1.5 sacks on the season as well as 20 tackles. While his numbers aren’t great, he could make an impact if he’s next to an elite Flowers would be paired with superstar Chandler Jones, who pays so much attention to offenses. “

Pro Football Network: Cardinals could trade for Falcons G Chris Lindstrom

Ben Rolfe writes: “If the Cardinals want to go up inside the offensive line, then Chris Lindstrom is an intriguing option. The problem is, the younger option may need some time to settle into the line. So, in the short term, it could disrupt the unit. Plus, with at least a year left on his rookie contract, the Falcons might not yet be ready to give up their old first-round pick.


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