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American war in Afghanistan, corruption and other loopholes – Prensa Latina


The US debacle in Afghanistan has brought to light other issues plaguing them: corruption and other stories about the existence of a shadow government that pulls the strings of power and gets richer.

Billions of dollars from the public treasury are spent in private hands, in the military-industrial complex and unscrupulous politicians, in a filthy way.

A recent article by journalist Juan William in The Hill daily dealt with the thorny issue that is constantly present in the American media; but the answers never appear. How many former generals went to work for companies looking for military contracts? This is a question that, if answered, could reveal corruption, the latest example of which was the war in Afghanistan.

How many of these generals spurred the continuation of “eternal war” in this country, wrapped in the flag while enriching American defense contractors, themselves and corrupt Afghan government officials? asked Guillaume.

The problem is not new and, according to USA Today, for nearly a decade, the Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan warned in numerous reports that “fraud, waste and abuse” part of the $ 145 billion US taxpayers would have spent on reconstruction. the Asian nation which is nevertheless trapped in total chaos.

The newspaper cited evidence, including “the squandering of $ 43 million in an unnecessary gas station and $ 28 million in uniforms with adequate camouflage for Afghan soldiers in a small part of the country.”

William pointed out that journalist Craig Whitlock’s new book, The Afghanistan Papers, documents in detail how defense and government officials lied to the public about the mission in Afghanistan to keep the war going and that their checks continued to fall. ‘pouring in, which goes way beyond the Pentagon.

But it’s not just in Afghanistan where corruption reigns. There are countless cases. Many of them recall that the then presidential candidate Donald Trump, an expert swimmer in these troubled waters, had looked into the issue to encourage American fervor in order to obtain support for his bet .

However, he came down the slope that suited him best and there were people who even sought to get their hands in government wallets, staying at Trump’s hotel in Washington. The former head of state even advanced the initiative that his administration paid for a summit of international leaders in his Florida resort.

Trump, William pointed out, entertained his political supporters by promising them to clean up corruption from the federal government, as he cynically used it for his own profit.

According to the Pentagon, total military spending in Afghanistan from October 2001 to September 2019 reached $ 778 billion. Some of that money has been wasted on fraud and abuse over the years.

The tip of the iceberg is an increase in the profits of the military industrial complex during the war, in which Lockheed Martin stood out with 1,236% return, followed by Northrop Grumman (1,196), Boeing (975), General Dynamics (625) and Raytheon (331).

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