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After PSERC Cuts Home Electricity Tariffs, Punjab CM Says Decision Will Benefit Poor Consumers, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Chandigarh: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, said on Friday that the massive reduction, ranging from 50 paise to Rs 1 per unit, in the domestic electricity tariff will bring major relief to domestic consumers, especially consumers. poor, who are already struggling with financial problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Office of the Chief Minister of the Punjab (CMO), this is the second year in a row that the electricity tariff for the state’s domestic consumption has been reduced. National electricity tariffs had also been reduced by 50 paise per unit by the regulator in 2020, he said.

While stressing that the decision of the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) to reduce the domestic tariff would provide relief of Rs 682 crore to domestic consumers of the state’s 69 lakh, the Minister chief also welcomed the decision of the regulator. not to increase tariffs for commercial consumers as well as for small and medium-sized industries in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Even the tariff hike for industrial users was quite marginal, he said, adding that it would also be a relief for the industry, which had also been badly hit by the lockdowns and the demand crisis as a result. of the unprecedented contagion epidemic.

According to the CMO statement, the industry has received electricity subsidies from the state government since 2017, when the tariff was reduced to Rs 5 per unit as a variable cost. Shortly after coming to power, the government of Captain Amarinder Singh, in accordance with its election promise, announced its decision to subsidize electricity for industry.

“The government provided a total industrial energy subsidy of Rs.4,911 crore in 2017-21, the same being used by around 42,000 medium and large industrial consumers, as well as 104,000 small industrial consumers. The subsidy provided to industry by state government for the 2021-22 fiscal year will be in the amount of Rs 1,900 crore, ”the statement read.

The chief minister said that despite the shortfall in the public treasury due to the Covid crisis, his government is committed to continuing to give free power to farmers and subsidized power to industry.

“His government will also continue to subsidize domestic consumers of SC, BC and BPL with 200 free units per month, and Freedom Fighters with 300 units per month for domestic consumption,” he added.

The chief minister also welcomed PSERC’s decision not to increase the electricity tariff in the current situation, when traders in the NRS category had been hit hard by the lockdown. The same was true for the categories of small power (SP) and medium power (MS) industrial consumers, he noted.

“The decision of the PSERC to maintain the special night rate with 50% fixed charges and energy charges of 4.86 Rs / Kvah for industrial consumers of large capacity (LS) / medium (MS) / small power (SP) using electricity exclusively during the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. were also welcome. This would help small units overcome some of the economic losses suffered as a result of the foreclosure, ”he added.

In addition, Singh said the decision to continue charging reduced energy charges for consumption exceeding the cut-off point of the past two years would boost industry use of excess energy, which in turn , would help bring the struggling industry back. on the right track.

“To encourage the industry to promote the productive use of surplus energy, an energy rate of less than Rs 4.86 / Kvah for energy consumption exceeding the threshold limit has been authorized. Rs.4.86 / Kvah, ”the chief minister said.

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