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Considering the importance of electric vehicle charging stations in the growth of the electric vehicle market, Rabe offers three points to remember.

Jessica Rabe, co-founder of DataTrek Research, walked out with some comments on electric vehicles. Rabe believes their adoption will come down to the infrastructure, not the car or truck itself.

By infrastructure, Rabe means charging stations, because she says that if you don’t have a Tesla with access to its Supercharger network, it can be difficult to find a station that is available and that works to charge your non-Tesla electric vehicle.

Additionally, Rabe points out that charging an electric vehicle can take hours rather than minutes when refueling gasoline vehicles. She says this problem contributes to “range anxiety,” which she sees as a major barrier for more consumers adopting electric vehicles.

Given the importance of EV charging stations to the growth of the EV market, Rabe offers three key takeaways. First, she says the number of charging stations in China far exceeds Europe and the United States, while the United States lags far behind both.

In addition, Rabe says that it is too capital and difficult for automakers to build and operate their own networks like Tesla, therefore, “building the electric vehicle charging station network in the United States will require a collaboration between public governments, such as local municipalities, and private companies. entities, including utility companies, automakers, and electric vehicle charging companies. “

Finally, Rabe says that President Joe Biden has proposed spending $ 15 billion to create 500,000 charging stations in the United States by 2030. However, Rabe believes it will take more than $ 50 billion, and she said that Republicans’ approval of the plan in the current infrastructure bill will be another challenge.

The gist of Rabe is that “there is a dynamic chicken egg” at work between the need for more EV charging stations to drive the adoption of electric vehicles and making the charging station business. viable recharging without sufficient demand.

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